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Embark on the ultimate fishing escapade amidst the sun-kissed tropical waters, where an array of awe-inspiring game fish awaits. Step into our haven of excitement! Our commitment lies in creating unforgettable fishing journeys along the untamed, pristine waters of Mauritius' east coast – an enchanting Paradise Island cradled in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Revered by anglers globally as a true tropical gem, prepare to be entranced by the thrill of the hunt and the encompassing natural beauty, rendering this fishing expedition truly unparalleled.


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The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Whether you seek an immersive fishing fanatic's getaway, a blend of fishing experience and discovery cruise along the eastern coasts, or just a comfortable escapade in the lagoon, the Royal III stands as the best sports motor boat on Mauritius' east coast, ensuring the most indelible experience.

Our commitment to luxury, comfort, exceptional service, and safety positions the Royal III as the unrivaled choice. 


Authentic Fishing Adventure

Discover Royal II, the esteemed little brother of Royal III, among Mauritius' finest Big Game Fishing boats, known for exceptional service and unwavering maintenance. With delightful features, it offers an authentic fishing adventure.

Even with it’s relative smaller size than it’s big brother, it can handle the treacherous seas of the wild east coast of Mauritius. It also as a spacious lounge, cabins and a built-in bathroom for convenience and privacy during your journey.

ROYAL II - 42'


Our experienced crew will cater for all your needs during your time with us

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Big game trolling

Mauritius is truly a paradise for avid fishermen seeking an exhilarating challenge. Even more so with its diverse marine life on the wild east coast where we target anything from billfish to mahi-mahi, wahoos, tunas, and a plethora of other fish species, you never know what thrilling encounter awaits at the end of your fishing line!


Our skilled and knowledgeable crew are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible chance to catch that once-in-a-lifetime fish you've been dreaming of!

This is achieved using top of the range big game fishing equipment.

It's not all about fishing

If you prefer to have a relaxing trip on our boat instead of fishing, there's no need to worry. Our best seller and most enjoyable package is combining a morning of big game fishing, then bbq lunch in a beautiful anchorage, if lucky enough enjoy eating your freshly caught fish! Whether it be just a couple hours for experiencing fishing, or no fishing at all, our team will be delighted to offer you a scenic tour along the mesmerizing east coast of Mauritius.


You'll have the chance to uncover some of the island's hidden gems and breathtaking sights whilst enjoying the comfort of our 55 ft mothership

Combo trips are customized to suit your desires.

Food packages are not included in the price, please contact us for our options.


Trou d'Eau Douce, Mauritius

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T: +230 57 67 38 26

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T: +230 57 75 22 79

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